About Kerry

Hi there! I’m Kerry, happy wife and a mother of three. Aside from managing our busy lives, I spend my time painting, crafting, making jewelry and bringing thrift store vintage back to life. I can usually be found hunting for fabulous vintage finds, at my craft table with beads or ModPodge, or up to my elbows in paint out in the garage. I recently began spending more time in the kitchen and will be sharing that part of my creativity here too.

Kerry Leigh and Co.

I am a true entrepreneurial spirit and always have new business ideas and have ventured out into the real world with some of them. Since my interests are many, I’ve always felt pulled in too many directions and wished there could be a way to bring everything I love to do all together and live happily as one business. That’s why I started Kerry Leigh and Co. It brings my love of crafty-ness, making jewelry, refinishing furniture and collecting and reselling vintage finds all together in a (hopefully) cohesive manner that I can present to the world with less confusion for everybody ;) I will be posting before and after furniture projects, crafty tutorials and highlights of my vintage and thrift shopping. Soon, part of my blog will be featuring the work of the many talented friends I have made in the business of crafting, painting and reselling. I am surrounded by some of the most talented people and I’m excited to share their work here along with my own.

 About Me

Being a super-introvert, I have a hard time talking about myself but for the sake of being a true blogger, here goes . . .  I am the blessed wife of a truly tolerant man. My husband has spent the past 20+ years coming to terms with my constant crafting, developing business ideas and my all-to-often ability to overlook housework when something more fun and crafty is on the horizon.  I am a former graphic designer and since leaving work in 2004 to raise my children, I have kept myself busy as a freelance designer, a jewelry designer, a furniture refinisher and vintage reseller.

My Outlets

The refinished furniture and vintage accessories that I can bear to part with will be available for sale in the Lazy Daisy Stores in Chester and Williamsburg, Virginia. Everything else will be on display in my house until I decide to part with it ;) Classes are scheduled in both locations as well.

Thanks for being part of my world! You are so welcome and appreciated!






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